Group Booking 15 to 99

$25.00 up to 1 riders $25.00 per additional rider
Group Options: Minimum Group Size: 15 paying people One FREE admission ticket with every 20 tickets purchased. Reserve at least two weeks in advance and save BIG! All Day Group Rates: $25 per person (group of 15-99) When visiting as a group: For just $2 more per person, help yourself to FREE UNLIMITED Coca-Cola fountain drinks. We offer personalized service-every group is met and greeted by an event planner. Meal Options: Our Food Voucher includes: A choice of a cheeseburger, chicken fingers, a slice of pizza, or a hot dog, plus a bag of chips, an ice cream cup, and unlimited Coca-Cola fountain drinks for $7.95 per person (does not include ticket admission).